Arbor Day 2020

Arbor Day Goes Virtual

On Friday, September 18th, 2020, ReLeaf of Greenville, the City of Greenville, and Eastern Elementary School partnered with Ms. Hannah Smith, the Pitt County Extension agent for horticulture and agriculture.  Ms. Smith created a wonderful PowerPoint about trees and how they grow for the 3rd graders in Mrs. Money’s class to study and create questions.

One week before the event, the PowerPoint was sent to Mrs. Money’s class and the children viewed the PowerPoint and developed their own questions about trees.  Then on Friday, September 18th at 12 noon, everyone joined Ms. Smith’s Zoom call.

The mayor of Greenville, Mr. PJ Connelly, joined the call and gave a Proclamation on the Importance of Trees for the well-being of the community.  Members of the ReLeaf board were able to attend the class visit virtually and enjoyed the topic of the day, the value of trees.

The following Tuesday, the City of Greenville brought 4 trees to the school and gave the children in Mrs. Money’s class the opportunity to help plant the trees.  Everyone had a good time, exploring the many kinds of trees, discussing what conditions make trees healthy, and planting trees in front of the school.