Arbor Day 2021

Arbor Day, 2021, was held at Sadie Saulter Academy on Friday, April 30 th from 10 AM until noon. Pitt County Extension Agent for Horticulture and Agriculture, Ms. Hannah Smith, presented a Zoom call and PowerPoint called The Importance of Trees. Ms. Robin Weber, with the forest service, told us about her work, and Greenville’s mayor, Mr. PJ Connelly, read a proclamation on the importance of trees to Greenville. Mr. Lutz, the principal of Sadie Saulter, and Mrs. Sturdevant, a middle school teacher, greeted us from the classroom, and Ms. Smith engaged the students in the Socratic method of questions-and-answers.

After the Zoom call we all went outside to the yard where the City of Greenville had provided three beautiful trees to plant. Mr. Kevin Heifferon, Assistant Director of Public Works for Greenville, demonstrated for the children best practices in planting trees, and then several of the children took turns digging the holds, setting the trees in place, backfilling the dirt, watering the tree, and then mulching the area around the trees.

A great time was had by all.

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