Arbor Day 2016

This year our Arbor Day celebration took place at Lakeforest Elementary. The kids and their essays were inspiring, the teaching staff responsive, and Principal Lavette Ford was gracious and welcoming. And, ReLeaf received a special surprise gift the Iota Kappa Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

ReLeaf appreciates all our supporters, but it is especially gratifying to receive recognition from another civic organization. One of AKA and the IKO Chapter’s mission is “Environmental Ownership”. In this service area the sorority implements “high impact programs to provide healthy environments and improve the quality of life in underserved communities.” They encourage sustainability through recycling and litter prevention. They also support healthy lifestyles for children with safe and inviting play spaces.

Iota Kappa Omega Chapter members provide a wide range of service to our community and model this as a lifelong mission – inspiring the same in the young women of AKA whom they mentor. ReLeaf shares in this hope for the younger generation. It’s a hope that we reaffirm every Arbor Day.

As the proverb says – “We plant a tree today so that future generations may sit in its shade”.