Community Tree Day 2022

Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls club members, ECU Students, members of the Power East Networking chapter of BNI , Public Works workers Re Leaf board members, even a Greenville police officer in uniform, all planted trees on November 10th, 2022.
Everyone worked together to plant 42 trees on empty lots ​along Fifth Street and Albermarle Ave. A variety of trees that are native to our geographic area were planted, mulched , fitted with Gator Bags, and watered to provide shade , and exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide in West Greenville. This is an area of Greenville where the tree cover has been interrupted and where lack of central air conditioning and a cultural history of socializing out of doors a normal way of getting through the hot summers.

The planting on November 10th is the third planting that Re Leaf has sponsored over the last three years and the fourth outing where the Lucille Gorhom Unit of the Boys and Girls Club have been our partners in planting and maintaining trees in their neighborhood.
This is particularly important to Re Leaf since these trees will become twenty foot high canopy trees by the time they finish high school. Club members and the trees they planted will grow up together to make West Greenville a better place than it is today.

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